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Table 1 Patient's characteristics

From: Combination therapy of renal cell carcinoma or breast cancer patients with dendritic cell vaccine and IL-2: results from a phase I/II trial

Pt. # Age
Diagnosis Metastasis
R-M-1 62/M TxNxM1(IV) Clear cell RCC Lung, Rib
R-G-2 56/M T3bN1M1(IV) Clear cell RCC Lung, Paratracheal LN
R-K-3 67/M T2N0M1(IV) Clear cell RCC Lung, Brain, Contralateral Kidney,
R-H-4 29/M TxN2M0(II) RCC Local Recurrence
R-N-5 24/F T2N2M1(IV) Papillary RCC Lung, Lower Neck, Supraclavicular & Retroperitoneal LN, Local Recurrence
R-L-6 62/M TxNxM1(IV) RCC Thorax, Lung, Mediastinum
B-S-1 43/F IV Lt.breast cancer Breast, Lung
B-H-2 29/F IV Bilateral breast cancer Breast, Lung, skin, pleural
B-L-3 59/F IIIC Brest cancer LN, chest wall, bone meta
B-Y-4 66/F IIB Rt.breast cancer Bone, pleural liver