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Figure 5

From: EGFR-specific T cell frequencies correlate with EGFR expression in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 5

EGFR-specific CTL recognize tumor cells. CTL were generated from PBMC of HNSCC patients in co-cultures with autologous DC loaded with EGFR-peptides KLF or YLN. T cells were tested against the EGFR-positive cell line UD-SCC-8 and the EGFR-negative cell line HLac79, which were either unpulsed or pulsed with the EGFR peptides. The T cell: target cell ratio was 1:1. The data show the mean number of counted spots for unpulsed and pulsed cell lines obtained using CTL generated from PBMC of HNSCC patients. Pulsing cell lines with peptide significantly increased IFN-γ production in CTL (* p = 0.002). Background in the unpulsed EGFR-negative cell line HLac79 was not subtracted.

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