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Figure 7

From: A whole blood monokine-based reporter assay provides a sensitive and robust measurement of the antigen-specific T cell response

Figure 7

Comparison of monokine and ELISpot assays in an immunosuppressed patient. Induction of MIG and IP-10 were compared with the number of spot forming units detected by ELISpot in two patients with CMV viremia. Patient A (Panels A-C) had uncontrolled CMV viremia with persistently elevated viral titres. Patient B (Panels D-F) had resolving viremia (decreasing viral titres). Responses to peptides from human actin (ACTs), EBV (BZLF1), and early (IE-1&IE-2) and late (pp65&UL-40) CMV antigens as well as PHA were measured ELISpot responses are shown as the mean ± SEM from triplicate wells following subtraction of the average number of spots seen in the negative control (ACTs) wells (1 for Patient A and 72 for Patient B). Monokine assay results are presented as the mean RQ value and 95% confidence interval normalized to the negative control (ACTs), calculated from triplicate wells. The high background spot numbers seen for patient B are consistent with widespread immune activation during recovery from viremia.

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