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Figure 2

From: A whole blood monokine-based reporter assay provides a sensitive and robust measurement of the antigen-specific T cell response

Figure 2

Induction of MIG (Panel A) and IP-10 (Panel B). PBMCs from healthy donors were stimulated with increasing concentrations of recombinant human IFNγ. The correlation between dose of IFNγ and MIG expression (A) was r2 = 0.94, and with IP-10 expression (B) was r2 = 0.90. Similar results were obtained using the mononuclear THP-1 cell line (data not shown). Columns show the mean RQ value and 95% confidence intervals calculated from triplicate wells. (C) The relationship between the induction of MIG and IP-10 following the addition of recombinant IFNγ (from A&B above), with reference to the induction of MIG (dashed line). (D) The correlation between MIG and IP-10 induction in 23 subjects following stimulation with a variety of peptides (r2 = 0.9885).

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