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Table 1 Antitumor efficacy of G3139 alone or in combination with chemotherapy and EP on M14 melanoma-bearing mice

From: Electroporation increases antitumoral efficacy of the bcl-2 antisense G3139 and chemotherapy in a human melanoma xenograft

Groups (treatment days)# TWI*
a) EP (days 6-13) 25 8
b) G3139 (days 6-10) 26 9
c) G3139/EP (days 6-10) 51 18
d) DDP (days 6-8) 31 10
e) DDP/EP (days 6-8) 43 15
f) G3139/DDP (days 6-13) 52 20
g) G3139/DDP/EP (days 6-13) 74 30
  1. # Mice were injected i.v. with G3139 at the dose of 0.2 mg/mouse/day for five days and/or with DDP given i.p at 3.3 mg/kg/days for three days and followed, five minutes later, by the delivery of EP to tumors by means of caliper electrodes. Treatment started at day 6 after tumor cell injection and was continued for the days indicated in parentheses. Each experimental group included 8 mice.
  2. *Tumor weight inhibition was calculated at the nadir of the effect comparing treated versus untreated groups.
  3. §Tumor re-growth delay was evaluated as the median time (in days) for treated tumors to re-grow after the treatment.