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Table 8 Gating Style

From: A critical assessment for the value of markers to gate-out undesired events in HLA-peptide multimer staining protocols

MULTIMER Donor Gating Style Median   Close Distant
CMV pp65 1 Close 0.13   
   Distant 0.10    
  2 Close 0.05
   Distant 0.02    
  3 Close 0.18   
   Distant 0.12    
  4 Close 0.08   
   Distant 0.06    
Melan-A 1 Close 0.18   
   Distant 0.05    
  2 Close 0.26
   Distant 0.08    
  3 Close 0.13   
   Distant 0.06    
  4 Close 0.09   
   Distant 0.02    
  1. Overall Results Stratified by Close and Distant Gating Style. (left) The gating style of the participants were classified as "close" or "distant" based on the gating strategy applied. The table outlines the median percentages of MULTIMER-positive CD8-positive cells for each donor-antigen combination stratified by subgroup for those experiments meeting all three criteria for a positive response. (right) The dot plots present two representative examples of "close" and "distant" gating styles and the influence on resulting frequencies for the CMV-pp65 MULTIMER (upper row) and Melan-A MULTIMER (lower row).