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Table 3 %age of CMV pp65- and Melan-A-MULTIMER-positive CD8-positive events

From: A critical assessment for the value of markers to gate-out undesired events in HLA-peptide multimer staining protocols

MULTIMER Donor Dump Channel Median(raw)  
CMV pp65 1 No 0.12
   Yes 0.10  
  2 No 0.04*
   Yes 0.02*  
  3 No 0.17
   Yes 0.14  
  4 No 0.08
   Yes 0.07  
Melan-A 1 No 0.17
   Yes 0.09  
  2 No 0.24
   Yes 0.18  
  3 No 0.10
   Yes 0.08  
  4 No 0.06
   Yes 0.04  
  1. The medians of the reported percentages of MULTIMER-positive CD8-positive cells for each antigen-donor combination are shown in the table. These results are stratified by condition (with and without the inclusion of a dump channel). Results obtained using two MULTIMERS in four donors stratified by use of a DUMP channel. For all sixteen experimental conditions the median of the reported values for MULTIMER+ CD8+ cells for all experiments are displayed. The asterisk indicates a negative control donor.