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Figure 1

From: A critical assessment for the value of markers to gate-out undesired events in HLA-peptide multimer staining protocols

Figure 1

MULTIMER binding in the condition WITHOUT versus WITH use of a DUMP channel. The figure shows results for the percentage of MULTIMER-positive CD8-positive events in the condition WITHOUT DUMP (x-axis) and WITH DUMP (y-axis) for (a) the seven positive donor-antigen combinations after staining with the CMV- or Melan-A MULTIMER and (b) the negative donor antigen combination (CMV in D2) as well as the results generated when using the irrelevant MULTIMERS (D1 to D4). Experiments with an increase (> 0.01%) of non-specific MUTIMER binding in the condition with DUMP are shown in red. Experiments with a decrease (> 0.01%) of non-specific MULTIMER binding in the condition with DUMP are shown in green.

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