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Figure 1

From: Effects of transplantation with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells modified by Survivin on experimental stroke in rats

Figure 1

Phenotypic characterization and differentiation of cells: (A) The initial passage MSCs grew as a morphologically homogeneous population of fibroblast-like cells, (B) The Passage 3 MSCs grew as whorls of densely packed spindle-shaped (scale bar = 200 um in A and B). (C) Adipocyte differentiation of MSCs: Upon induction with adipocyte induction media cells showed adipocyte globules on oil red 'O' staining. (D) Osteogenic differentiation of MSCs: Upon induction with osteogenic induction media cells showed calcium deposits on von kossa staining. (scale bar = 100 um in C and D) (E-I): Flow cytometry analysis: MSCs expressed the markers molecules CD29, CD106, CD90 and negative for the blood cell surface molecules CD45, CD14. The percentage of positivity was mentioned in the brackets.

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