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Figure 4

From: First-line chemoimmunotherapy in metastatic breast carcinoma: combination of paclitaxel and IMP321 (LAG-3Ig) enhances immune responses and antitumor activity

Figure 4

Clinical results: comparison with historical control group. The waterfall plot presents the percentage of change in the sum of tumor diameters observed after treatment (6 months) for individual patients. The patients experiencing progressive disease (PD), stable disease (SD), or partial response (PR) are shown in white, grey and black, respectively. Patients 1-8 received 0.25 mg, patients 9-18 1.25 mg and patients 19-33 6.25 mg IMP321. Asterisks show the 4 patients with 3 months treatment instead of 6 months. Historical data obtained for a group receiving paclitaxel alone are presented as dotted lines.

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