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Figure 1

From: In vivo evidence of htid suppressive activity on ErbB-2 in breast cancers over expressing the receptor

Figure 1

Representative expression patterns of h tid in normal mammary epithelium and in primary breast tumors of different subtype. Indirect immunoperoxidase staining using the Vectastain ABC Kit was performed according to manufacturer's suggestions using the polyclonal rabbit anti-hTid (6,7,13). Nuclei were counterstained with Mayer's hematoxylin. While htid is expressed at low levels in the normal breast epithelium (A: insert) its expression is significantly elevated in the luminal A (A) and B (B) tumor type. In contrast, htid is barely detectable in tumors of the HER-2 (C) and the triple negative (D) subtype. (Original magnification: 250x).

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