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Table 1 Pathohistological features of each DM1 specimens

From: Overexpression of microRNA-206 in the skeletal muscle from myotonic dystrophy type 1 patients

Patients Sex Muscle Lysosomal activity* Muscle pathohistological aspects
DM1-1 M VL xxxx atrophy
DM1-2 M VL xxx atrophy
DM1-3 M VL xx mild atrophy
DM1-4 M VL xxxx atrophy
DM1-5 M VL x few atrophic fibers
DM1-6 F VL xxxx severe atrophy
DM1-7 M VL absent few atrophic fibers
  1. Are shown the main pathohistological features of each DM1 specimens used in this study (sex, muscle, lysosomal activity and muscle pathohistological aspects). Muscle biopsies from VL of 1 female and 3 males have been used as control samples. (VL = Vastus Lateralis; M = Male; F = Female; * = Phosphatase activity present in atrophic fiber where autophagy is active.)