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Figure 3

From: CCL20/CCR6 expression profile in pancreatic cancer

Figure 3

Results of anti-CCL20 immunohistochemistry in normal and diseased pancreatic tissues. Representative example of CCL20 expression in [A,B] pancreatic islet cells and epithelial cells of pancreatic ducts, [C] necrotic parenchyma and epithelial cells of pancreatic ducts in chronic pancreatitis tissues [D] epithelial cells of the characteristic net-like structures of pancreatic cystadenoma [E,F] cytoplasms of ductal epithelial cancer cells and in infiltrates of perineural sheaths. Anti-CCL20 goat anti-human, 75 μg/ml (MIP-3α; R&D Systems; Minneapolis, MN, USA. Avidin Biotin Complex (ABC) Method. (original magnification: × 200 and 400, respectively).

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