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Table 6 Mirs Significantly Differentially Expressed Between Adult Nevus (Nevus 60) And Young Adult/Pediatric Nevus (Nevus 30)

From: Microrna profiling analysis of differences between the melanoma of young adults and older adults

Array A Hsa-miR Name-Assay# FC (NEVUS60/NEVUS30) Log2(FC) p value FDR (BH) FC Bin
None significant N/A N/A   N/A  
Array B Hsa-miR Name-Assay# FC (NEVUS60/NEVUS30) Log2(FC) p value FDR (BH) FC Bin
hsa-miR-566-4380943 5.3288 2.4138 0.0359 0.9974 FC > 4
hsa-miR-374aSTAR-4395236 7.9972 2.9995 0.0371 0.9974 FC > 4
  1. Array A: TLDA panel A (377 functionally defined microRNAs) array B: TLDA panel B (290 MicroRNAs whose function is not yet completely defined) TLDA A and B totaled 667 microRNA assays. FC: fold change; Pvalue student T test ≤ 0.05; FDR: false discovery rate; FC bin: Range of fold change. MirRs in bold font were found to be significantly differentially expressed between the two groups by the relative quantification (ABqPCR software-Analysis I) based method and by Class Comparison (BRB tools-Analysis II) based on absolute CT values normalized to endogenous control MammU6 (see materials and methods). N/A: not applicable.