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Table 10 Class Prediction Analysis: Young Adult-Pediatric (Mel 30) vs Adult Melanoma (Mel 60)

From: Microrna profiling analysis of differences between the melanoma of young adults and older adults

Parametric p-value t-value % CV support Geom mean of intensities in class 1 Geom mean of intensities in class 2 Fold-change MiR
0.00008 5.05700 100.00000 7.60029 6.47345 1.17407 hsa-miR-30aSTAR-4373062
  1. Class prediction analysis was computed using BRB tools between Class 1: Mel 30 (10 specimens) and Class 2: Mel 60 (10 specimens) across the global data set of 666 MammU6 normalized MiRs (Analysis II). MiRs significantly different between the classes at 0.001 significance level were used for class prediction.