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Table 1 Mean vascular density in the infarct zone of NOD/SCID β2m null mice with AMI four weeks post transplant of PBS, ALDHlo Lin- or ALDHhi Lin- sorted human UCB cells

From: Human cord blood progenitors with high aldehyde dehydrogenase activity improve vascular density in a model of acute myocardial infarction

Treatmenta nb Mean vascular density/1000 μmc 95% Confidence interval p versus PBS
PBS 12 4.1 [3.3-5.0] -
ALDHloLin- 5 5.4 [4.4-6.5] 0.279 (0.031)d
ALDHhiLin- 9 6.0 [5.0-7.0] 0.011 (0.001)d
  1. a NOD/SCID β2m null mice with AMI were transplanted with ALDHloLin- or ALDHhiLin- sorted human UCB cells or PBS. Frozen sections were stained with a mouse specific CD31 antibody and visualized with DAB+ chromagen.
  2. b Number of hearts analyzed pr. group; 10 randomly selected visual fields (40× magnification) in the tissue sub-served by the infarct related artery were analyzed from each heart.
  3. c CD31 positive vascular structures with a well defined tubular morphology or an open lumen or structures with a linear extension equal to or larger than 50 μm were included.
  4. d p-value after correction for outliers.