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Table 1 Cases of elevated plasma creatinine levels in children who received intravenous acyclovir

From: The effect of acyclovir on the tubular secretion of creatinine in vitro

Patient Magnitude of increase in plasma creatinine
(from baseline)
Relevant clinical details References
1 child 5 fold increase within 2 days Creatinine returned to normal in 4 days
Elevated urea
No other pathology reported
10 children transient elevation No further impairment reported [2]
3 children 4 fold increase within 4 days Mild reduction in urine output
Creatinine returned to normal 1 week following acyclovir discontinuation
1 child 2 fold increase within 6 days Creatinine continued to increase following acyclovir discontinuation. Creatinine returned to normal within 1 week
Elevated urea
Mild proteinuria
3 children 9 fold increase within 2 to 3 days High urea
Urinary α1-microglobulin and albumin
Creatinine returned to normal in 3 - 9 days
1 child 3 fold increase within 4 days No other information provided [5]