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Table 2 Zinc and Proteins of Immunological Significance

From: Zinc in innate and adaptive tumor immunity

Protein Immunological Role References
Calcineurin Zinc inhibits Calcineurin activity in Jurkat cells [177]
COX-2 Lung zinc exposure increases COX-2 [178]
Caspases Cytosolic caspase-3 activity is increased in Zn-deficient cells. May be mediated by the cytoprotectant abilities of zinc [110]
E-selectin Zinc deficiency increased E-selectin gene expression [179]
FC epsilon RI Mast cell activation downstream of FC epsilon requires zinc [72, 180]
HMGB1 3 Cys, 2 His, unknown role of zinc [174]
HSP70 Zinc increased basal/stress-induced Hsp70 in CD3+ lymphocytes [181]
IFN-γ ZIP8 influences INF-gamma in T cells [177]
IL-1 β Zinc suppresses IL-1 beta expression in monocytes [39, 182]
IL-2 High zinc decreased IL-2 in T cell line, Jurkat cells [183, 184]
IL-2R α High zinc decreased IL-2R α in T Cell Line [184]
IL-6 Zinc modulated circulating cytokine in elderly patients [61, 185, 186]
KIR Zinc is necessary for the inhibitory function of KIRs [187, 188]
MCP-1 Zinc modulated circulating MCP-1 in elderly patients [185]
MHC Class II There is zinc dependent binding site where super-antigens and peptides bind [189, 190]
NFkB NFkB p65 DNA-binding activity increased by zinc deficiency (sepsis). Zinc regulates NFkB. High zinc decreases NFkB activation in T Cell Line. Zinc activates NFkB in T cell line. IKK gamma zinc finger, can regulate NFkB [42, 179, 191, 192]
PDE-1,3,4 Zinc reversibly inhibited enzyme activity of phosphodiesterases. [39]
PPAR-α Zinc deficiency down-regulated PPAR-α [184]
Proteasome Zinc can inhibit proteasome [193]
S100 Proteins RAGE ligands [173]
TLR-2 Zinc limits TLR surface expression [194]
TNF-α Zinc suppresses TNF-α expression in T-Cells, monocytes [39, 40, 184]
Zinc finger proteins  
A20 zinc finger Modulates TLR-4 signaling, Inhibits TNF-induced apoptosis [192, 195]
DPZF BCL-6 Like Zinc Finger, Immune responses [196]
Gfi1 Antagonizes NFkB p65, Upstream of TNF [197, 198]
IKK γ Zinc finger that regulates NFkB [199]
PLZF Expressed in iNKT cells. iNKT cells lacking PLZF lack innate cytotoxicity and do not secrete IL-4 or IFN-γ [68]
ZAS3 Zinc Finger protein that inhibits NFkB [200]