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Table 1 Association of the UCHL1 mRNA and protein expression pattern with the methylation status

From: Epigenetic control of the ubiquitin carboxyl terminal hydrolase 1 in renal cell carcinoma

  UCHL1 expression Methylation pattern
RCC cell line mRNA protein BstU I Taq I sequencing
MZ1257RC + + U U U
MZ1774RC + + U U U
MZ1790RC (+) - M M P
MZ1851RC + + U U U
MZ1851LN* (+) - M M M
MZ1879RC - - M M M
MZ1940RC - - M M M
MZ1973RC + + U U U
MZ2175RC - - P P P
MZ2733RC + + U U U
MZ2789RC + - P P P
MZ2858RC + + U U U
MZ2861RC + + U U U
MZ2862RC (+) - P M P
MZ2885RC + n.d. U U U
MZ2904RC + + (pp) P P P
MZ2905RC + + U U U
  1. *Cell line derived from a lymph node metastasis of a patient suffering from RCC. The methylation pattern of the UCHL1 promoter DNA was determined by COBRA and/or sequencing.
  2. (-): no expression detectable; ((+)) weak expression detectable; (+) expression detectable; (U) unmethylated UCHL1 promoter; (P): partially methylated UCHL1 promoter (M): fully methylated UCHL1 promoter; (pp): expression verified by proteomic profiling of the corresponding RCC lesion; n.d. not done