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Table 2 Probe content for FFPET 44 k v1.0 development array

From: Development of a microarray platform for FFPET profiling: application to the classification of human tumors

OSD Name # of Probes OSD Parameter
OSD 0 3,996 Current default OSD
OSD 1 3,938 Current default OSD with increased weighting towards 3' end
OSD 2 4,003 Current default OSD weighted towards 100 nt from 3' end
OSD 3* 29,931 Tile at 30 nt up to 400 nt from 3' end
OSD 4 4,003 Tiled house keeping probes to 1000 nt from 3' end
  1. Array represents approximately 4,000 unique genes with probes for OSD0 – OSD3. *OSD 3 was tiled, but any probes obviously failing standard oligonucleotide selection criteria for repeat sequences, bad base composition, and cross-hybridization were removed.