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Figure 2

From: Birth weight and characteristics of endothelial and smooth muscle cell cultures from human umbilical cord vessels

Figure 2

Proliferation fraction of exponentially growing and confluent human umbilical artery endothelial cell cultures. Ki67 was detected by indirect immunofluorescence and total number of cells was visualized under differential interference contrast (DIC). Representative merged micrographs of immunofluorescence and DIC images of exponentially growing (A) and confluent (B) cultures are shown. The proliferation fraction of exponentially growing or confluent HUAEC cultures from <2.8 kg (n = 6, black bars) or >3.5 kg (n = 6, white bars) birth weight individuals is shown (C). Differences between the two birth weight groups were not statistically significant. Bar in A and B, 50 μm.

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