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Table 4 Selected series analyzing the prognostic role of circulating tumor cells (CTC) in patients with gastric cancer.

From: Survivin gene levels in the peripheral blood of patients with gastric cancer independently predict survival

Author Year Ref. Patients Method Survival analysis Markers Findings
Koga T et. al. 2008 [9] 101 Quantitative RT-PCR Univariate CK18, CK19, CK20, CEA CK19 is the better marker, and is usable to estimate prognosis or for adjuvant treatment
Yie SM et. al. 2008 [20] 26 (gastric cancer) RT-PCR ELISA Multivariate Survivin Status of Survivin-expressing CTC is a strong and independent predictor for recurrence
Hiraiwa K et. al. 2008 [22] 44 (gastric cancer) CellSearch system Multivariate CD45 (-) cells vs CK (+) cells CTSs significantly correlated with advanced tumor stage
Illert B et. al. 2005 [23] 70 Quantitative RT-PCR Multivariate CK20 CK20 is an independent prognostic marker
Yeh KH et. al. 1998 [24] 34 Nested quantitative RT-PCR Univariate CK19 CK19 expressing CTC are associated with poor prognosis
Seo JH et. al. 2005 [25] 46 Quantitative RT-PCR Not performed CEA CEA mRNA is significantly correlated with clinical recurrence
Wu CH et. al. 2006 [26] 42 Quantitative RT-PCR Not performed hTERT, CK19, CK20, CEA CEA mRNA is correlated with higher risk of postoperative recurrence/metastasis
Uen YH et. al. 2006 [27] 52 Quantitative RT-PCR Univariate c-MET, MUC1 c-Met and MUC1mRNA significantly correlate with prognosis
Mimori K et. al. 2008 [28] 810 Quantitative RT-PCR Univariate MT1-MMP MT1-MMP is an independent factor for determining recurrence and distant metastasis
Pituch-Noworolska A et. al. 2007 [29] 57 Flow cytometry Univariate CD45 (-) cells vs CK (+) cells The presence of CK (+) cells is of no prognostic value