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Table 1 Ingenuity Pathway Assist analysis of genes involved in the Aurora-A kinase pathway. Data represents fold enrichment in carcinoma patients versus adenoma patients. *SAM analysis estimated the False Discovery Rate for all genes to be 0.

From: Aurora kinase inhibitors synergize with paclitaxel to induce apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells

Affymetrix Probe ID Gene Name Fold Change
39109_at TPX2 TPX2, microtubule associated, homolog 15.42
1125_s_at; 1126_s_at CD44 CD44 molecule 4.51
36863_at HMMR Hyaluronan-mediated motility receptor 2.73
32157_at PPP1CA Protein phosphatase 1, catalytic subunit, alpha isoform 2.46
40757_at GZMA Granzyme A 2.26
1985_s_at NME1 Non-metastatic cells 1 2.24
38370_at TIAM1 T-cell lymphoma invasion and metastasis 2.18