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Figure 6

From: Use of high throughput qPCR screening to rapidly clone low frequency tumour specific T-cells from peripheral blood for adoptive immunotherapy

Figure 6

Phenotype of gp100 154–162 specific CD8+ T cell clones. Peripheral blood T cell clones underwent staining with gp100154–162 peptide/HLA-A*0201 tetramers and anti-CD8. The CD8+/tetramer+ cells were assessed for cell surface expression of CD27, CD28, CD45RO, CD45RA, CD62L, and CD25. Analysis was performed with multiparameter flow cytometry. Values on histograms represent the percentage of total CD8+ T cells that are tetramer-positive and express the indicated marker. JKF6 is a MART27–35 specific CD8+ T cell clone derived from TIL. ND, not done.

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