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Table 1 Distinguishing features of individuals of three contrasting Prakriti types Vata, Pitta and Kapha and their disease predisposition as described in the original text.

From: Whole genome expression and biochemical correlates of extreme constitutional types defined in Ayurveda

S. No Features Vata Pitta Kapha
1 Body frame Thin Medium Broad
2 Body build and musculature Weakly developed Moderate Well developed
3 Skin Dry and rough Soft, thin, with tendency for moles, acne and freckles Smooth and firm, clear complexion
4 Hair Dry, thin, coarse and prone to breaks Thin, soft, oily, early graying Thick, smooth and firm
5 Weight gain Recalcitrant Fluctuating Tendency to obesity
6 Food and bowel habits Frequent, variable and irregular higher capacity for food and water consumption Low digestive capacity and stable food habits
7 Movements and physical activities Excessive and quick Moderate and precise Less mobile
8 Tolerance for weather Cold intolerant Heat intolerant Endurance for both
9 Disease resistance and healing capacity Poor Good Excellent
10 Metabolism of toxic substances Moderate Quick Poor
11 Communication Talkative Sharp, incisive communication with analytical abilities Less vocal with good communication skills
12 Initiation capabilities Quick, responsive and enthusiastic Moderate, upon conviction and understanding Slow to initiate new things
13 Memory Quick at grasping and poor retention Moderate grasping and retention Slow grasping and Good at retention
14 Ageing Fast Moderate Slow
15 Disease Predisposition/Poor prognosis Developmental, Neurological, dementia, movement and speech disorders, Arrhythmias Ulcer, bleeding disorders, Skin diseases Obesity, diabetes, atherosclerotic conditions