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Table 1 GRMD dogs, born April, 2006 used for IDPSC transplantation and respective controls.

From: Early transplantation of human immature dental pulp stem cells from baby teeth to golden retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD) dogs: Local or systemic?

Dog n° Dog name Cell Treatment Onset treatment Biopsy after 1a injection Progression/motility Physical score   Outcome of experiment at time ...
       180d 365d  
Laka 2L5 Control - 0 d Severe/major decline 4 Died (300d)
FC     107 d     Ascite
Lancy 2L6 hlDPSC – S Just with 107 d Severe/major decline 3 Died (240d)
FT1-S    28 d      Ascite
Amandita 2L4 hlDPSC – IM Just with 107 d Mild/modest decline 4 Died (480d)
FT2-IM    28 d      Cardiac failure
Bis 2L2 Control - 117 d Severe/major decline 2 17 Alive
Chokito 2L3 hlDPSC – S Start with 44 d 47 d Mild/modest decline 5 11 Alive and well
    Followed by 8 injections/month 117 d     
     365 d     
Toddy 2L7 hlDPSC – IM Start with 44 d 47 d Severe/major decline 6 † (24) Died (370d)
MT2-IM    Followed by 5 injections/month 117 d     Gastric Malabsorption deficiency
  1. All animals were descendant of the GRMD couple Peter (affected) × Lady (carrier)