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Figure 2

From: Detailed analysis of immunologic effects of the cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen 4-blocking monoclonal antibody tremelimumab in peripheral blood of patients with melanoma

Figure 2

Clinical response to tremelimumab. (A) Baseline picture of patient 1111 intransit metastases, which were progressing after experimental therapy with an antiangiogenic agent. (B) Follow-up picture 5 months after initial dosing while receiving monthly tremelimumab at 10 mg/kg. (C) Dot plot of MHC tetramer analysis taken from peripheral blood at cycle 3. (D) Dot plot of MHC tetramer analysis of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes from a tumor biopsy of a regressing melanoma lesion at cycle 3. MHC = Major histocompatibility complex.

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