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Table 1 Promoter methylation status of MAL in cell lines of various tissues.

From: Hypermethylated MAL gene – a silent marker of early colon tumorigenesis

Cell line Tissue Promoter methylation status Methylation frequency
BT-20 Breast M 57%
BT-474 Breast U/M  
Hs 578T Breast U  
SK-BR-3 Breast U  
T-47D Breast U/M  
ZR-75-1 Breast U  
ZR-75-38 Breast M  
Co115 Colon M 95%
HCT15 Colon M  
HCT116 Colon M  
LoVo Colon M  
LS174T Colon M  
RKO Colon M  
SW48 Colon M  
TC7 Colon M  
TC71 Colon M  
ALA Colon M  
Colo320 Colon M  
EB Colon M  
FRI Colon U/M  
HT29 Colon M  
IS1 Colon M  
IS2 Colon M  
IS3 Colon M  
LS1034 Colon M  
SW480 Colon M  
V9P Colon U  
ACHN Kidney U 50%
Caki-1 Kidney U  
Caki-2 Kidney M  
786-O Kidney U/M  
ES-2 Ovary U/M 50%
OV-90 Ovary U/M  
Ovcar-3 Ovary U  
SK-OV-3 Ovary U  
AsPC-1 Pancreas M 67%
BxPC-3 Pancreas U  
CFPAC-1 Pancreas U  
HPAF-II Pancreas M  
PaCa-2 Pancreas M  
Panc-1 Pancreas U/M  
LNCaP Prostate U 0%
AN3 CA Uterus U/M 75%
HEC-1-A Uterus M  
KLE Uterus U  
RL95-2 Uterus M  
  1. The promoter methylation status of the individual cell lines was assessed by methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction (MSP). The methylation frequency reflects the number of methylated (M and U/M) samples from each tissue. Abbreviations: U, unmethylated; M, methylated.