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Figure 2

From: Hypermethylated MAL gene – a silent marker of early colon tumorigenesis

Figure 2

Site specific methylation within the MAL promoter. Bisulphite sequencing of the MAL promoter verifies methylation status assessed by methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction. The upper part of the figure is a schematic presentation of the CpG sites successfully amplified by the two analyzed bisulphite sequencing fragments, A (-68 to +168; to the right) and B (-427 to -85; to the left). The transcription start site is represented by +1 and the vertical bars indicate the location of individual CpG sites. The two arrows indicate the location of the MSP primers in the present study and a previously published study analyzing promoter methylation of MAL [31]. For the lower part of the figure, filled circles represent methylated CpGs; open circles represent unmethylated CpGs; and open circles with a slash represent partially methylated sites (the presence of approximately 20–80% cytosine, in addition to thymine). The column of U, M and U/M at the right side of this lower part lists the methylation status of the respective cell lines as assessed by us using MSP analyses. Abbreviations: MSP, methylation-specific PCR; s, sense; as, antisense; U, unmethylated; M, methylated; U/M, presence of both unmethylated and methylated band.

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