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Table 1 Gene Ontology Classification of Imiquimod-Induced Genes in AK Lesions

From: Immune-mediated changes in actinic keratosis following topical treatment with imiquimod 5% cream

Ontology Genes in the Data1 Annotated Genes2 P-value3 Increased Expression Decreased Expression Description of Processes and Specific Genes
Total 436 17479   369 67  
Response to stimuli 137 2475 2.13E-19 125 12 defense response, response to external biotic stimuli including, pest and pathogens, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral response
Defense response 105 1174 1.54E-40 102 3 immune response, inflammatory response
Immune response 106 1020 3.05E-40 104 2 cellular defense response, humoral defense response, antigen binding, pattern binding, cytokine synthesis, chemokine synthesis, antigen presentation processing, inflammatory response
Response to stress 68 1337 1.77E-12 63 5 response to pest and pathogen, inflammatory response, response to virus, response to wounding
Inflammatory response 25 244 4.35E-11 25 0 defensive reaction (by vertebrate tissue) to infection or injury
Response to wounding 39 395 3.72E-16 39 0 defensive reaction (by vertebrate tissue) to physical injury
Signal transduction 123 3547 4.70E-06 95 17 cytokine signaling, death receptor signaling, G-protein coupled receptor signaling, intigrin binding, MHC protein binding
Receptor activity 72 1914 1.80E-07 62 10 chemokine receptors, pattern recognition receptors, immunoglobulin receptors, complement receptors, MHC I\MHCII receptors, scavenger receptors, Hematopoietin/interferon class (D200) receptors
Antigen binding 8 91 2.66E-03 8 0 SCF1, IGLV2-14, LAG3, LILRA1, SLAMF1, TRA@, TRGC2, TAP2
Carbohydrate binding 16 326 1.18E-03 14 2 CCL8, CD69, CLEC4A, FCN1, FGFR2, GALNT7, HMMR, KLRC1/KLRC2, KLRF1, LGALS2, LGALS9, POSTN, PTN, SELL, SELPLG, SN
Pattern binding 10 159 4.58E-02 8 2 CCL8, CD14, FGFR2, HMMR, POSTN, PTN, TLR2, TLR7, TLR8, TLR4
Cytokine receptors 9 99 1.97E-04 9 0 CCR5, CCR1, CD74, CSF2RB, CXCR4, IL10RA, IL1RL1, IL21R, TNFRSF1B
Cytokines 12 257 1.11E-04 11 1 CCL3, CCL5, CCL8, CXCL5, CXCL10, CXCL11, CXCL12, CXCL16, TNFSF10, ECGF1, PTN, SLURP1
Immunoglobulin binding 4 25 1.56E-03 4 0 FCER1A, FCER1G, FCGR3B, 214511_x_at
Cystein type endopeptidase 9 169 8.21E-03 9 0 CASP1, CASP8, CTSB, CTSL, CTSC, STSS, LGMN, TNFAIP3, USP18
  1. 1Number of genes in the data for which annotation was found in the Gene Ontology database.
  2. 2Total number of gene with annotation in the Gene Ontology database.
  3. 3P-value for representation of gene ontology category in the data.