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Table 3 Factor X activation test (O.D.): purified factor V (0.002 μM) incubated with peptide 1–16 or NaCl for 5 minutes and thereafter added to phosphatidilserine and CaCl2 and factor X and Chromozyn X for 15 minutes.

From: SV-IV Peptide1–16 reduces coagulant power in normal Factor V and Factor V Leiden

Parameter Mixture with NaCl Mixture with peptide 1–16 p
O.D. (nm) of Chromozyn X 0.420 ± 0.008 0.190 ± 0.006 0,000
  1. O.D.: optical density
  2. nm: nanometers
  3. CaCl2: calcium clorure
  4. NaCl: sodium clorure