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Figure 2

From: Mononuclear cells modulate the activity of pancreatic stellate cells which in turn promote fibrosis and inflammation in chronic pancreatitis

Figure 2

Details of immunohistochemical analysis of chronic pancreatitis tissues. (A&B) Pancreatic stellate cells are seen within clusters of mononuclear cell infiltration. (A) Arrows: stellate cells. (C) To exclude that alphaSMA- (SMA) and vimentin-positive (VIM) structures are endothelia, CD31 staining was performed. (D-F) In areas of loosely packed mononuclear cells (arrowhead in D) and packed mononuclear cells (white arrow in D), there is sparse immunoreactivity for collagen1 (arrowhead and white arrow in E) and moderate staining for fibronectin (arrowhead and white arrow in F). In areas with a low number of CD45-positive mononuclear cells (dotted arrow in D), the staining intensities for collagen1 (dotted arrow in E; COL) and fibronectin (dotted arrow in F; FBN) are stronger. Original magnification: ×200.

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