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Figure 3

From: Therapeutic T cells induce tumor-directed chemotaxis of innate immune cells through tumor-specific secretion of chemokines and stimulation of B16BL6 melanoma to secrete chemokines

Figure 3

Secretion of RANTES (a), MIP-1α (b) and MIP-1β (c) by effector T cells. Effector T cells generated from D5-G6 TVDLN wt mice were assessed for tumor-specific chemokine release. T cells (4 × 106/ml) were cultured alone, with anti-CD3, MCA-310 (2 × 10 5/ml), or with D5 (2 × 105/ml). Supernatants were harvested 18–24 h later for quantification of RANTES, Mip-1α and Mip-1β. Cytokine release into the supernatant was determined by ELISA using a standard kit. Data are presented as the mean ± SE of three independent experiments. The limit of detection for RANTES, MIP-1α and MIP-1β was 10 pg/ml. * p < 0.05

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