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Figure 5

From: Investigation of HIFU-induced anti-tumor immunity in a murine tumor model

Figure 5

HIFU-induced DC migration. HIFU treatment-induced DC migration to DLN and consequent LN congestion. CFSE-labeled immature bone marrow-derived DCs were injected into tumor 1 day after HIFU treatment. The (A) total cell number, (B) total number of DC(CD11c+ cells), and (C) migrating DC (CFSE+ CD11c+ cells) recovered in DLN on day 2 were determined by flow cytometry. Data points represent the mean ± SD for each group (n = 8). *P < 0.05 versus DC injection only control group. (D) Representative histogram illustrating the population of CFSE+ CD11c+ cells within the DLN of mice subjected to different treatments.

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