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Table 2 Established anti-tumor activities of IL-1 blocking methods and/or therapies based on published literature.

From: Interleukin-1 and cancer progression: the emerging role of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist as a novel therapeutic agent in cancer treatment

Study Year Observation
Voronov et al [7] 2003 IL-1 KO mice failed to develop solid tumors post injection of melanoma cells and exhibited significantly improved survival compared with wild type animals.
Saijo et al [19] 2002 Overexpression of IL-1 is associated with an aggressive/malignant phenotype.
Sawai et al [22] 2003 Same observation as above
Voronov et al [7] 2003 Same observation as above
Weinreich et al [28] 2003 IL-1ra-transduced xenografts exhibited decreased tumor growth and metastases in murine models.
Elaraj et al [15] 2006 Exogenously administered IL-1ra (anakinra) decreased tumor proliferation rate, metastases, and IL-8 and VEGF mRNA expression of xenografts in murine models.