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Table 3 Comparison of predicted and pathologic response in test set.

From: Predictors of primary breast cancers responsiveness to preoperative Epirubicin/Cyclophosphamide-based chemotherapy: translation of microarray data into clinically useful predictive signatures

Case Tumor reduction,% Response, pathologic Predicted response PCA cross validated by k-NN Predicted response PLS-DA model 1 Predicted response PLS-DA model 2
BC1843 0 NC NC NC PR
BC1850 0 NC NC NC NC
BC1862 0 NC NC NC PR
BC1871 10 NC NC NC PR
BC1869 100 pCR CR CR CR
BC1864 100 pCR CR CR CR
BC1421 100 pCR CR CR CR
BC1870 100 cCR CR CR CR
BC1861 40 PR PR CR CR
BC1879 47 PR PR NC NC
BC1866 40 PR PR CR CR
BC1837 90 PR CR CR CR
BC1838 80 PR PR NC NC
BC1842 92 PR PR PR PR
BC1834 0 PR PR PR CR
BC1858 0 PR NC NC NC
BC1880 40 PR PR PR PR
BC1881 62 PR NC PR PR
BC1849 22 PR NC NC PR
BC1839 10 PR NC NC PR
BC1513 33 PR PR NC PR
BC1877 50 PR PR NC NC
BC1853 0 NC NC NC NC
BC1448 68 PR CR CR CR
BC1134 5 NC NC NC NC
BC1840 25 PR NC NC NC
BC1848 85 PR CR CR CR
  1. Note: complete pathologic response shown as CR when predicted.