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Figure 1

From: Predictors of primary breast cancers responsiveness to preoperative Epirubicin/Cyclophosphamide-based chemotherapy: translation of microarray data into clinically useful predictive signatures

Figure 1

Clustering of gene expression data for 57 genes from 83 breast tumors corresponding training and test cohorts. A. PCA analysis of response groups and gene expression. The visualization of high-dimensional data in three-dimensional principal components. Individual samples from training and test cohorts are labeled according to three response groups: green and light green – pCR; yellow and light yellow – PR; red and light red – NC. The distance between samples reflects their approximate degree of correlation. B. Hierarchical clustering presents the clustered samples in columns and the clustered 57 genes in rows. A color representation of gene expression levels is shown with the scale on the left side. The 57 genes used fir both clustering methods were obtained by multi-step statistical approach, as described in 'A predictor gene set determination' section of Results. C. An enlarged version of sample dendrogram, which reflects similarities in their expression profiles.

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