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Figure 3

From: Analysis of memory T lymphocyte activity following stimulation with overlapping HLA-A*2402, A*0101 and Cw*0402 restricted CMV pp65 peptides

Figure 3

IFN-γ protein release by ELISA following re-stimulation of peptide (9-mer, 10-mer, and 16-mer) sensitized PBMCs from all donors with their cognate determinants. Supernatants of peptide (9-mer pp65341–349, 10-mer pp65341–350, and 16-mer pp65340–355) sensitized PBMCs from CMV seropositive donors HLA-A*2402, A*0101, and Cw*0402 were collected at three time point of 24, 48, and 72 hours after cell re-stimulation with each cognate peptide: 9-mer (blue segment), 10-mer (purple segment), and 16-mer (orange segment). The figure shows the peptide induction and the maintenance over time of T lymphocyte reactivation after cognate peptide recall compared to the positive control (green segment) for each individual HLA association: HLA-A24 (top), HLA-A1 (middle), HLA-Cw4 (bottom).

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