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Table 2 Cytoplasmic markers expressed by primary cultures of skeletal muscle cells grown in vitro for 35 to 40 days1.

From: Culture of skeletal myoblasts from human donors aged over 40 years: dynamics of cell growth and expression of differentiation markers

Monoclonal antibody Percentage of positive cells (mean ± SD)2 Fluorescence pattern
Desmin (skeletal muscle) 49.6 + 6.4 Cytoplasmic
Skeletal myosin type I slow heavy chain (skeletal and cardiac muscle) 33.4 + 3.9 Cytoplasmic filaments
A-sarcomeric actin (skeletal and cardiac muscle) 28.6 + 6.1 Cytoplasmic filaments
Skeletal myosin type II fast heavy chain (skeletal muscle, not cardiac) 29.4 + 6.2 Cytoplasmic filaments
A-sarcomeric actinin (skeletal and cardiac muscle) 19.0 + 3.7 Cytoplasmic filaments
Spectrin (erythrocyte and muscle) 32.6 + 7.5 Peripheral rim and membrane staining
Dystrophin (skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle) 38.4 + 9.8 Peripheral rim and membrane staining
  1. 1. Indirect immunofluorescence assay on monolayers of cells grown using proliferation medium.
  2. 2. Positive cells in primary cultures derived from five different tissue donors.