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Table 1 Available information from the ATCC about the NCI-60 panel

From: HLA class I and II genotype of the NCI-60 cell lines

Name ATCC no. Sex Race Tumor Type ATCC HLA typing Discrepant
BT-549 HTB-122 F C Breast CA   
HS 578T HTB-126 F C Breast CA   
MCF7 HTB-22 F C Breast CA   
MDA-MB-231 HTB-26 F C Breast CA   
MDA-MB-435 HTB-129 F C Breast CA   
T-47D HTB-133 F   Breast CA   
SF-268     CNS CA   
SF-295     CNS CA   
SF-539     CNS CA   
SNB-19     CNS CA   
SNB-75     CNS CA   
U251     CNS CA   
COLO 205 CCL-222 M C Colon CA   
HCC-2998     Colon CA   
HCT-116 CCL-247 M   Colon CA   
HCT-15 CCL-225 M   Colon CA   
HT29 HTB-38 F C Colon CA A1,3,B12,17 Cw5 Yes
KM12     Colon CA   
SW-620 CCL-227 M   Colon CA   
MOLT-4 CRL-1582 M   Leukemia, ALL   
CCRF-CEM CCL-119 F C Leukemia, ALL   
HL-60 CCL-240 F C Leukemia, APL   
K-562 CCL-243 F   Leukemia, CML   
SR CRL-2262 M C Leukemia, LCIL   
LOX IMVI     Melanoma   
M 14     Melanoma   
SK-MEL-2 HTB-68 M C Melanoma   
SK-MEL-5 HTB-70 F C Melanoma A2,11, B40,Bw16 Yes
SK-MEL-28 HTB-72 M   Melanoma A11,26, B40,DRw4 Yes
UACC-62     Melanoma   
UACC-257     Melanoma   
RPMI 8226 CCL-155 M   MM Aw19, B15,37, Cw2 Yes
A549/ATCC CCL-185 M C NSCLC   
HOP-62     NSCLC   
HOP-92     NSCLC   
NCI-H23 CRL-5800 M AA NSCLC   
NCI-H226 CRL-5826 M   NSCLC   
NCI-H322M     NSCLC   
NCI-H460 HTB-177 M   NSCLC   
NCI-H522 CRL-5810 M C NSCLC   
IGROV1     Ovarian CA   
OVCAR-3 HTB-161    Ovarian CA   
OVCAR-4     Ovarian CA   
OVCAR-5     Ovarian CA   
OVCAR-8     Ovarian CA   
NCI/ADR-RES     Ovarian CA   
SK-OV-3 HTB-77 F C Ovarian CA   
DU-145 HTB-81 M C Prostate CA   
PC-3 CRL-1435 M C Prostate CA A1,9 No
786-O     Renal CA   
A498 HTB-44 F   Renal CA   
ACHN CRL-1611 M C Renal CA   
CAK1-1 HTB-46 M C Renal CA A9,B12,35 No
SN12C     Renal CA   
TK-10     Renal CA   
UO-31     Renal CA   
RXF-393     Renal CA   
  1. AA = African American; ALL = Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia; APL = Acute promyelocytic leukemia; C = Caucasian; CA = Carcinoma; CML = Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia; CNS = Central Nervous System; F = Female; LCIL = Large Cell Immunoblastic Lymphoma; M = Male; MM = Multiple Myeloma; NA = Not Available; NSCLC = Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.
  2. The information about the ATCC cell lines (Cell Lines with ATCC no.) was obtained accessing the following URL: Additional information was obtained through the National Cancer Institute's Developmental Therapeutics Program URL: