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Table 1 Data sources used to explore the different biomedical dimensions of the project and for validation purposes.

From: Synergy-COPD: a systems approach for understanding and managing chronic diseases

Data-sets Data-types Reference Brief Description.
BioBridge Metabolomics, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, Physiological and Clinical Measurements [27], [83], [84], COPD patients with low and normal fat free mass index and healthy subjects studied before and after training.
PAC-COPD Clinical Measurements and Co-morbidity data. [75] COPD patients studied after the first hospitalization because of an episode of exacerbation.
Medicare ICD9 codes from hospital registries. [85], [85] Health Insurance Program
Animal experiments Muscle Transcriptomics and muscle & blood Cytokines. Role of eiF6 in energy metabolism Synergy-COPD-FP7-ICT-270086:2010-13. Guinea Pig and mice models, C2C12 cell culture. Normoxic and hypoxic conditions
Public datasets SNOMED-CT, MeSH, angiogenesis-related expression data, etc. See Table 1 in COPDKB [35] Public resources integrated into the Synergy-COPD Knowledge Base.