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Figure 2

From: Up-regulation of heme oxygenase-1 after infarct initiation reduces mortality, infarct size and left ventricular remodeling: experimental evidence and proof of concept

Figure 2

Distribution of connexins 43 in the remote region at 4 weeks after LAD ligation. Upper panels: representative immunostaining for Cx43 from sham-operated (a), vehicle treated MI (b), CoPP-treated MI (c), and CoPP + SnMP-treated MI groups (d) at low magnification (10×, calibration bar: 40 μm) and at higher magnification (400×, insets). Lower panel: histograms of the proportion of the total cell area occupied by Cx43 immunoreactive signal in the remote region. Data are expressed as means ± SE. *p < 0.001 compared with both sham-operated and CoPP-treated MI groups; #p < 0.02 compared with sham-operated group.

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