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Table 1 Protein deep mining studies in pancreatic cancer using mass spectrometry

From: The role of quantitative mass spectrometry in the discovery of pancreatic cancer biomarkers for translational science

Technique Sample type Groups Discovery phase Biomarker candidates References
Label-free Tissue PC, N 1,009 proteins in total; 422 upregulated proteins in PC ASPN, LTBP2, TGFBI Turtoi et al. [49]
  Tissue PC, N 1,229 proteins in total; 499 upregulated in PC ECH1, GLUT1 (GTR1), OLFM4, STML2 Takadate et al. [30]
  Tissue PC, CP, N 525 proteins in total; 21 upregulated proteins in PC ANXA4, FN1 Paulo et al. [65]
  Plasma PC, N 53,009 MS peaks CXCL7 Matsubara et al. [69]
SILAC Cell lines PC, N 195 proteins in total; 68 upregulated proteins in PC; 5 biomarker candidates validated in pancreatic cancer tissue CD9, HSPG2, APOE, SDF4, ITGB1 Grønborg et al. [81]
  Serum PC, N 1,065 proteins in total; 121 upregulated proteins in PC BCAM, ICAM1 Yu et al. [ 94]
ICAT Tissue PC, N 656 proteins in total; 151 upregulated proteins in PC ANXA2, ITGB1 Chen et al. [100]
  Pancreatic juice PC, N 105 proteins in total; 30 upregulated proteins in PC IGFBP2 Chen et al. [103]
Acrylamide- labeling Plasma PC, CP, N 1,340 proteins in total; 95 and 87 proteins with ≥1.5 fold difference in PC compared to N and CP, respectively ICAM1, TIMP1 Pan et al. [106]
TMT Serum PC, N 752 proteins in total APOA4, F12, GSN, LTF Sinclair et al. [110]
ICAT, iTRAQ Tissue PanIN-3, PC, CP, N 770 proteins in total; 70 proteins upregulated and 133 downregulated in PanIN-3 ACTN4, LAMB1, LGALS1 Pan et al. [119]
  1. ACTN4, actinin alpha-4; ANXA2, annexin A2; ANXA4, annexin A4; APOE, apolipoprotein E; APOA4, apolipoprotein A-IV; ASPN, asporin; BCAM, basal cell adhesion molecule; CP, chronic pancreatitis; CXCL7, CXC chemokine ligand 7; ECH1, enoyl CoA hydratase 1; F12, coagulation factor XII; FN1, fibronectin 1; GLUT1 (GTR1), glucose transporter member 1; GSN, gelsolin; HSPG2, heparan sulfate proteoglycan 2 (perlecan); ICAM1, intercellular adhesion molecule 1; IGFB2, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2; ITGB1, integrin beta-1; LAMB1, laminin beta-1; LGALS1, galectin-1; LTBP2, latent transforming growth factor beta binding 2; LTF, lactotransferrin; N, normal; OLFM4, olfactomedin-4; PanIN-3, pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia; PC, pancreatic cancer; SDF4, stromal cell derived factor 4; STML2, stomatin-like protein 2; TGFBI, transforming growth factor beta-induced; TIMP1, metalloproteinase inhibitor 1.