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Figure 1

From: Expression and prognostic significance of the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor in esophageal and gastric adenocarcinoma

Figure 1

Sample immunohistochemical images of PIGR staining. Images (10× magnification) of PIGR expression in different tissue entities from three cases. The mean score corresponds to the value of the sum of the fraction × intensity of all annotated cores. From left to right: (1) normal gastric mucosa (mean/total score 0.70), intestinal metaplasia (mean/total score 3), primary tumour (mean/total score 0.2) and metastasis (mean/total score 0) in a T3N3M1 gastric cancer, (2) squamous epithelium (mean/total score 0), Barrett’s esophagus (mean/total score 3), two cores from primary tumour (score 2 and 0.2, respectively, mean/total score 1.1) in a T2N2M0 esophageal cancer, (3) squamous epithelium (mean/total score 0), normal gastric mucosa (mean/total score 2.0), and two cores from primary tumour (both score 3, mean/total score 3) from a T3N3M0 GE-junction cancer.

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