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Figure 6

From: Diet-induced increase in plasma oxidized LDL promotes early fibrosis in a renal porcine auto-transplantation model

Figure 6

LOX-1 antibody blocked TGFβ secretion induced by OxLDL in human artery endothelial cells. A) Effects of OxLDL incubation during 24 h in endothelial cells on LOX-1 and TGFβ protein expressions, and B) on TGFβ secretion in culture medium supplemented with OxLDL with or without neutralizing antibody against LOX-1 (results obtained from two independent experiments). Values significantly different from the culture medium without OxLDL are indicated by †: p < 0.05; and from the culture medium without LOX-1 antibody by $: p < 0.05.

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