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Figure 2

From: Diet-induced increase in plasma oxidized LDL promotes early fibrosis in a renal porcine auto-transplantation model

Figure 2

High-fat diet was associated with a greater proteinuria and with LOX-1 and TGFβ pathways activation in renal cortex 3 months after transplantation. A) Proteinuria levels in the two experimental groups 3 months after surgery; Values significantly different from the normal diet group are indicated by ***: p < 0.001; B) Linear regression of the plasmatic OxLDL levels measured at D1 and the proteinuria determined at M3 in the normal diet group (Left panel) and the high-fat diet group (Right Panel). The straight line represents the regression curve and dotted lines represent the 95% confidence interval; C) Immunoblots and densitometric quantification of TGFβ signaling (TGFβ, CTGF, BMP-7) and matrix homeostasis (pro-Matrix Metalloproteinase 2, pro-MMP2); and D) LOX-1 intracellular signaling (Gp91phox NADPH oxidase subunit, NFκB-IκBα, PhosphoP38) in renal cortex. Values significantly different from the normal diet group are represented by *: p < 0.05.

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