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Figure 5

From: Liver myofibroblasts up-regulate monocyte CD163 expression via PGE2 during hepatitis B induced liver failure

Figure 5

Abolishing PGE2 production in LMFs using NS-398 can affect CD163 expression on monocytes. (A, B) Monocytes were left untreated (MO, open profile with black solid line) or were pretreated with LMFs (LMF+MO, black filled profile) and then incubated with NS-398 (NS398, Gray filled profile) or DMSO (as control) at the indicated concentrations (5 μM). The histograms in A are representative of five separate experiments. Values shown in B represent the means ± SEM of five separate experiments. **(P < 0.01) indicates a significant difference compared with untreated monocytes or LMF-exposed monocytes incubated with NS-398.

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