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Figure 2

From: Proteomic profiling of lymphocytes in autoimmunity, inflammation and cancer

Figure 2

Altered protein profiles of T cells from asthma patients. PDE4, hydrolyzing cyclic adenosine monophosphate and/or cyclic guanosine monophosphate, was associated with the MUC5AC expression in human airway epithelial cells. β-Arrestin was suggested to play a role in T cell migration. Glutathione reductase, GST-M3 and thioredoxin were correlated with the antioxidant capacity. HSP-70 protects the cells and tissues from the deleterious effects of numerous mediators, reactive oxygen species, or tumor necrosis factor-α. Cytoskeletal proteins, including Dynein, Vimentin, Tubulin β2, might illustrate the functional changes in the T cells. Cyclin-dependent kinase was related to an abnormal repair process that might contribute to airway inflammation and remodeling. PDE, phosphodiesterase; HSP, heat shock protein; GST, glutathione S transferase.

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