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Figure 2

From: Chemokine receptor CCR6 expression is regulated by miR-518a-5p in colorectal cancer cells

Figure 2

Dual luciferase reporter assay system with and without 3′UTR of CCR6. The luciferase reporter vectors used in the Dual Luciferase Reporter assay system contain either a control vector with no 3′UTR (Luc No CCR6) (A) or a vector with the 3′UTR of CCR6 downstream of the firefly luciferase gene (Luc CCR6) (B). Predicted alignment sequence of Hsa-miR-518a-5p contains positions 222–228 and 1773–1779 on the 3′UTR of CCR6. Bold labels refer to the respective seed sequences of miR-518a-5p in the 3′UTR of CCR6.

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