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Figure 3

From: Ovarian cancer cell invasiveness is associated with discordant exosomal sequestration of Let-7 miRNA and miR-200

Figure 3

Exosome releases from ovarian cancer cell lines. Exosomes were quantified in culture media of ovarian cancer cell lines using an ELISA kit (see Methods). (A) Levels of exosome as presented as protein concentration from1x106 OVCAR-3 (white bar) and SKOV-3 cells (black bar). (B) Quantification of number of exosome particles from OVCAR-3 (white circles) and SKOV-3 cells (black circles) per 106 cells. (C) Relationship between number of exosome particles and exosomal protein concentration from OVCAR-3 and SKOV-3 cells. Fitted linear regression line with 95% confidence intervals (dotted lines). In A, ***P < 0.01 versus SKOV-3. In B, *P < 0.05 versus SKOV-3.

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